Questions About The Simplicity Of Our Explanations And The Creator’s Deficiency

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In the post “Clearing the Darkness” you talk about the need to explain to the world what is happening. People simply need a method! Do you have a method that you can explain in simple words? I didn’t hear it yet, but maybe you or your students can explain it to me like to a five year old? What is this method practically?

Now the lessons are split in lots of small parts that barely connect. It’s very confusing what you are offering.

Answer: I hope that your friends will help you find simple explanations from my lessons—sometimes I don’t succeed in this. But we do not explain this to the world at all because it wants only egoistic fulfillments it can understand.

Question: If the Creator is pure bestowal and has no will to receive, how can He want anything? A want signifies deficiency, which violates “there is none else besides Him.” So to talk about what He wants from us is nonsense since He has everything, there is no deficiency!

Answer: In relation to us, the upper one is perceived as the force that wishes to bestow, fill, and love, as the force that created everything and guides everything towards a set goal. Since it wants to bestow, it means that it feels a lack of such opportunity, senses a deficiency, as it said: “More than the calf wants to suckle the cow wants to feed.”

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