Penetrating The Wall

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe first person to reveal the secret of life was Adam. Just like us, Adam was searching for the meaning of his life. After his revelation, this secret began to spread from generation to generation, until it reached our time.

We develop constantly and our desire grows steadily. Since each new generation that came was new and possessed a greater desire for pleasure, it was able to add something to the method of revealing the secret of life.

On one hand, this is a very simple thing, and on the other, it’s incredibly difficult. It’s simple because it’s close to everyone, and it’s difficult because it lies beyond our capabilities. It’s as if the Creator stretches out a rope for us to jump over and then puts a wall right behind it, making it impossible to jump.

The thing is that all a person has to do is apply effort, and the Creator will complete the action. Moreover, the person’s action and the Creator’s action have to be synchronized with the group or the environment.

It is very difficult to connect these three components because they each seem to be turning in their own direction and performing their own movements. However, when they actually do come to unite due to the effort on all three parts, this is called “Israel, the Torah, and the Creator are one.”

A person called “Israel” (straight to the Creator), meaning he who wishes to attain the Creator, acts in accordance with his soul’s root and the program of creation. He overcomes his nature and wishes to act in sync with his environment, which happens to be a collection of individual movements that are in motion together.

The Creator has His own movement. After all, He governs everything. He has a predetermined plan that leads everything toward one goal. For this reason, it’s very difficult to connect all three components into a single point where the initial contact with the upper one occurs. This contact is called adhesion.

Adam was the first person to reveal the method of obtaining unity with the upper one. Clearly there are no coincidences in life, and it was no coincidence that he was called Adam (“similar” to the Creator), although his parents weren’t aware of why they named him as such. He was the first person to reveal the correct method of revealing the Creator.

If we connect all three components into a single point, then through that point we begin to see a different reality. We bring things into focus, similar to when one gets an eye exam, where the three lines in the optical device have to connect in order to see anything. Therein lies our work.
From Lesson 2, Arvut Convention at the Arava Desert 11/18/2011

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