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Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “Mutual Guarantee” (abridged version): Once the whole nation agreed, they became guarantors…

What is the meaning of this nation-wide agreement? Did every person just shout out like a child, “I want!” Or do we have to understand where we are going and how far?

That is why this world was given to us, showing us all the clear examples of caring for the neighbor. I see how repulsive all of this is to me, yet I unite with others because I have to, not having any other solution in a time of peril or when I really need them.

Once the entire nation agreed, they became guarantors that no citizen will be deprived of what he needs.

Mutual guarantee by itself gives us energy. By the same principle, at the end of correction we increase the Light’s abundance by 620 times compared to what was there at the beginning of creation. Stated differently, instead of a very fine line that was filled only by the tiny Light of Hochma, we receive an entire circle in which the Light of Hochma pours, clothed in the Light of Hassadim, infinitely filling everyone to the depth and breadth of the mutual unification. When this happens, every person adds his part to others and becomes included in everyone himself.

So where does this miraculous addition come from? It comes from the fact that we involve the force of mutual guarantee, the force of mutual inclusion. By virtue of the breaking, the vessels were prepared to become included in one another, and now, in spite of our egoism, we must evoke this inclusion, this mutual guarantee, in practice. The resistance of our egoism and our ability to overcome by means of the Light that reforms, which leads to unity, create an inner pressure inside the vessel, a resistance, like in a resistor. The force of egoism inside of us constantly resists unity, while we stand above it and become tightly locked in all of the connecting points.

Eventually, the negative and positive forces that separate and connect us come together in one channel. That is how we attain a 620-fold increase of power.

Today we barely provide enough food for half of humanity. About a third of it has limited food, and another third is starving. But there is no doubt that by realizing the mutual guarantee, we will end up with the same abundance that the spies discovered when they were first sent to Israel and discovered a “land flowing with milk and honey.” It will suddenly become clear that there is no need for material investment because fulfillment is provided by the Light. Vitamins, minerals, calories, and everything else are vestments of the Light, which disappear to the extent we clear them away.

We always aspire to extract the maximum energy conversion efficiency from the energy resources. But here, what we have at our disposal is the Light, without any material vestment. That is an energy incomparably more powerful, which supports all of matter. Instead of fairy-tales about an eternal engine, we truly acquire an eternal energy resource.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/13/11, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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