Mutual Guarantee De-Facto

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”: That is the reason he conditioned the mutual guarantee in the participation of the entire world. It shows that an individual cannot come to the desired goal on the spiritual path if not through the aid of all the people of the world.

This is very important. Even the greatest Kabbalist never attains the end of correction unless the whole world attains it to its final detail. It’s similar to how the body cannot be perfect if the function of at least one of its cells is disrupted. After all, this is an integral system.

That means the whole world has to reach the end of correction and the only question is, in what order do we correct ourselves. Some souls awakened before Abraham’s time, and some—in subsequent life cycles. Some are awakening today, and some haven’t awakened yet. Everyone has their own time and place in the common work of correction.

Thus, each and every correction that one performs affects the whole world.

A person incorporates the whole world and is included in every person as well. And that means everyone is corrected through him. This somewhat explains the laws of the integral system to us, which is exposing the universal interconnection today.

It is said, “But one sinner destroyeth much good.” It means that one’s sinning reduces the weight on the scale, as though that person took back the goodness he had put on the scale. By that one turns the world backwards.

This is the mutual guarantee, the real situation de-facto. It was concealed until now, which is why we were not required to observe this law, but today it is being revealed and is advancing the corresponding demands to us.

There is the desired and the actual. The actual is the system of universal interconnection that is being revealed where we are all included in one another. 80 years ago Baal HaSulam already wrote that the whole world is one family. Back then people didn’t feel it yet, but today we are finally starting to discover a certain connection, even though it still isn’t as tight as in a family. Even though our interdependence is unwanted, it is already obvious.

From one day to the next, this systematic connection will come through more and more clearly. We will see that every person influences everyone and is subject to everyone’s influence. This will seem horrible to us: How can we be under the whole world’s power?

There is simply nowhere for me to run, and that means I have to take care of worldwide education and correction of correct, good interconnections between people as fast as possible. Because this horrible interconnection really does exist, we all have to awaken at least a bit of pity, compassion, and empathy for others in every person. After all, we are all interconnected for good or for bad, and our influence is passed from each person to everyone and from everyone to each.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/3/11, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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  1. It seems that in the past if one had something the other wanted it was possible to take it from him, maybe even by force, but now the table has turned around, it seems what everyone wants can not be stolen, bought with money, it can only be granted by the Creator.

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