Let’s Add Up Our Pennies

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Do we need to acquire some special Masachim (screens) and overcome ourselves in order to reach the spiritual state of greatness (Gadlut)?

Answer: Suppose I live in human society and discover that everyone needs a certain food product. By a twist of luck, I am the only one who can produce it and to provide it for everyone.

I feel everyone’s general need. The desires of billions of people are now felt in me together with their filling! That is, I feel that everyone will enjoy what I am going to give them. The immense desire and filling enable me to feel the “newborn,” meaning the next stage in the development of this state.

How can I resist the temptation and not enjoy this immense pleasure by myself? After all, I took this desire and made it my own. We don’t understand now what a connection with others is, when by connecting with them, I take their desire and turn it into mine. It is like a mother who gives her child a spoonful of food and enjoys when he swallows it. She actually feels this pleasure physically. She receives because he does.

So there is a great danger that I will begin to enjoy egotistically. After all, I have received great desires and I am going to receive great pleasures. I have to create a screen (Masach) over the desire of others, which I have attached to myself and turned into my AHP.

Now I work in order to fill these desires. I perform a union with the upper Light (Zivug de Hakaa) within me, as if it is my desire and also my pleasure. When I receive all the filling in my vessel with the intention to bestow, I am ready to pass on the filling to the lower ones. This means that first I perform the correction for them, and then I fill them.

It says that “an older son receives twice.” It means that the upper one works with the desires of the lower one, which he perceives as his own and values them even more than his own.

There is an extra coarseness (Aviut) in these desires because when he later fills the lower ones, he receives a pleasure that is “620” times greater than their pleasure, just like a mother in relation to her child. Imagine how he enjoys the food and how she enjoys the fact that she has fed him. And for all of this we need a screen.…

This is why the depth of the desire revealed in AHP is so great. To achieve this depth, one needs to cut off the “stony heart (Lev ha Even)” and later perform many other corrections, layer by layer, which is like “many pennies that add up to a large account.”
From the 4rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/8/2011, TES

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