I, My Environment, And The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan only advances through the Light. We cannot advance in spirituality through our own efforts.

In our world a person progresses through his mind, feelings, society, books, teachers, different teachings, and learning by example. Although in reality, the Light that Reforms also operates within all this because a person puts effort into development, even if the reasons are egoistic. This way we advanced over thousands of years.

But if we want spiritual advancement, we must consciously awaken the influence of the Light over us. Otherwise, without this intention, we will be advancing in the same natural way as the entire world. This is why it is written that everything depends on the intention.

We need to organize ourselves, the goal, and the means to attain it step by step. On every stage of my advancement there needs to be a change made through the Light that I attract, which operates and changes my inner qualities, desires, and thoughts.

Thanks to being in this world, due to his detachment from the spiritual world and the concealment, man receives the opportunity to be free and to evoke the influence of the force of Light that Reforms through one’s own choice and desire.

This can be done through actions that do not require us to have a correct intention and be in the spiritual world. This is because even if I do not have much of a desire or understand this fully, I can do these actions and organize myself an environment that will influence me. It is specifically through love of one’s neighbor, following the same line, that we attain love for the Creator.

We awaken the Light and come closer to adhesion with the Creator through the strength of our unity. This is why there is no place more important where we can make an effort, but our environment. Even study, dissemination, and all other business are nothing more than auxiliary means, even though they are necessary on the path towards group unity, where the Light will be revealed according to the strength of the group’s connection.

We accelerate the revelation of the Light with our actions in our world so it would manifest sooner than it would if we develop naturally, which is called “at its own time” (Beito). We attract the Light with our connection in the group, and the more we strive to unite, the more it manifests. This development is called “hastening time” (Achishena), according to which we advance.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/30/2011, Writings of Rabash

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