Evolution Continues

Dr. Michael LaitmanOn each phase of development I receive an “injection” and look for salvation out of helplessness. Hardships purify me, humble my egoistic desire, and bring me to goodness, meaning to the right decision, the right action. But all of it happens under the shower of painful blows, by the path of suffering.

On the other hand, I can use alternative remedies (forces and situations) that allow me to go through the process of correction without waiting for trouble. The difference is in my consciousness, awareness, and determination towards the Creator.

I can either crawl and take blows until they arouse a new desire within me at each given step, or I can generate a need to advance on my own. I keep searching for attractiveness and charm in my aspiration toward the Creator and bestowal.

Let this charm draw me forward with greater strength than the pinches that I get from behind. I will be the one who defines the speed of my development by moving faster than it is defined in the Thought of Creation which spurs me forward. It is said that in this case I am the one who “wakes the dawn, the dawn does not wake me.”

At this point we arrive at the only free choice that is available to us. It is about looking for additional powers to advance besides the Light and the vessel. Where do I get them?

It is clear that if I don’t use alternative powers, my authentic “I” would not even exist. I’ll remain a small beast that evolves only as a result of the blows nature sends its way.

We have all been progressing in this manner until now. Somehow, we think that only the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature develop in accordance with the laws of nature, but a human being advances independently of it. But why would it be the case? Isn’t evolution still in progress?

Is it really so that as soon as a monkey turned into a human being, it immediately got excluded from the laws of nature? Is it feasible that we are driven forward only by our own intelligence? No. We are intelligent, but we still comply with the laws of nature; we don’t oppose them. Our beloved intelligence comprises nature’s indispensable part.

Modern science discovers the miracles of developmental adaptability and explains interactions between various creatures: insects, birds, fish, and so on. However, we attribute all of it to instincts and at the same time continue to plume ourselves on our intellect. In reality, our brain only implements our instincts in an even more instinctive way. As a result, we destroy ourselves even more. Animals are defended by protective mechanisms, whereas we are deprived of a “safety device” and “go wild.”
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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