Earth Has Begun To Rid Itself Of Humanity

In the News: (from “An intergovernmental group of experts on climate change explained how global warming threatens humanity. According to the report…in the near future, our civilization will face devastating rains and severe droughts. The impact of the climate will be so strong that many regions will become uninhabitable, and after extreme weather, a social explosion is inevitable. The climate change will affect primarily the middle latitudes: Europe, China, and North America.”

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  1. Europe, China and North America are the WORST rapists of this planet but its not just makin crap we don’t need, it is HOW TERRIBLE they treat the animate level, the animals they use to make MONEY: no regard for the terrible suffering of a myraid species of animals: THE WAY Americans treat farm animals causes more pollution to the earth than ALL CARS planes and factories put together just to feed our fat asses: NATURE WILL Kills us for what we are doing to her children, the animals; Lately the creator has FORCED me to feel the wrath against man (egos) for how they treat what they deem lesser animals: IF JUDGMENT comes it is for this more than anything: I AM WARNING people because for 20 years I live above to below and these animals are my children as well: I would rid the earth of egos if I could for nature at this point: I feel her wrath and the warning is too long in coming:

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