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Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People don’t understand how strongly they are influenced by the environment. They think that they operate on their own. How can we explain the role of the environment to them?

Answer: According to conventional wisdom, “evil” is simply when we harm one another. So let’s be good to one another and unite, not for the Creator, not selflessly, but so that we will all feel good.

In today’s global world we need a good universal connection. People who have nothing to do with Kabbalah speak about it, including military leaders, pragmatic politicians, scientists, and other experts. They all admit that the present situation leaves us no other choice. In order to have a future, we must unite.

But our egoism doesn’t let us unite. In order to rise above it, we have to introduce a new comprehensive upbringing and teach the laws of the integral world. The facts have caused experts to change their minds, and we will have to change the public’s mind in the same way.

I have to work for the benefit of society, not out of altruism, but because I am part of it. That’s the way it is.

This way it will be accepted by everyone. It all depends on how we present it, on our explanations, which have to be based on unquestionable facts. Instead of single shots, it has to be “massive bombing” with quotations from the articles and sayings of outstanding people who unanimously confirm that it is really so. Eventually we will simply open the stage door for them, and they will play their role and do all the work.

We will have to collect data and the opinions of recognized experts and make their voices sound louder. There are plenty of such materials today, we just need to prepare them and bring them to the general public; the sooner the better.

Even the Chinese are starting to talk about connection because they are discovering their own crisis, which is even worse than the crisis in Europe. Everything changes quickly and unexpectedly. You turn an apple that seems red and delicious and suddenly you see that on the other side it is completely rotten. This is a global, not a private problem.

The summit meetings end with zero results. The leaders are not only helpless, but also unable to say anything. Actually, nobody expects them to say anything meaningful anymore. The summit meetings have become a formal routine, and their decisions are accepted with great fatalism.

The world is in despair, and it is in this period of transition, as long as the despair hasn’t spilled over and turned into uprisings and wars, that we should help the world understand the problem and its solution. This is the best time for dissemination. If we miss this moment, the rotten side of the apple will be revealed with all its bitterness.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/8/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah”

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  1. Is it possible that the “Elite” of this world, have on their own, in their own way “The revelation of Evil? But not having an accurate realization of the problem, come to a different conclusion on their own in the past, not having the method? The conclusion being, “Well I realize I am an Egoist, theres nothing I can do about, I can’t change my nature, so I might as well go with it and gobble up everything that matters to me, and who cares about the other guy. Combining The Revelation of Evil, with an Atheistic attitude, creates a very different conclusion, a very scary one, that would lead down the paths of war and suffering. This is a great concern.

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