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  1. This is great. Thank you! I get discouraged studying Kabbalah sometimes when I see that no matter how much I try, others don’t want to unite. Granted, they are not studying Kabbalah, but everyone thinks of only himself. The world can’t function properly that way, and I think that when some people see me being happy because I get along with others or am enjoying life, they get jealous and treat me disrespectfully, and damage the friendship. I wish they would stop comparing themselves to me or others. And stop thinking it is a contest. I find it exhausting dealing with people who do not want to unite or be together and who are constantly focused on what others have. Am I doing something wrong to feel this way or is this considered a normal reaction to the circumstances? I just feel like if they would make an effort to not look at things competitively or care what others have, they wouldn’t take it out on the friendship and damage it so much. I get really discouraged trying to connect with those who don’t want to connect with the world.

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