Approaching Perfection For The First Time

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We can compare the group to a car that functions only when all its parts are in order. If one of them breaks down, the car will stop. On one hand, this is very exciting, but on the other, it is a bit scary. Could it be that if one person loses the right intention during the convention, nothing will work?

Answer: No. There are 125 degrees that separate us from perfection. The ideal system is still far from us, so in the meantime we are required to do the most corrupt spiritual work on the first degree below. Here you needn’t worry about everyone’s utmost perfection. It is enough if we just try a little—and we will get our first toy car. Even if it isn’t a Porsche, but some piece of junk without an engine, still it’s a car.

On the first level, only the initial, “weightless” perfection is required of us, the weakest connection that still has many deficiencies. If in general, we come to the convention with the right desire, it will be enough to attain a 1/125th degree of perfection. It’s in our power to do it.

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/6/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)”

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