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The Israeli website Maariv published an interview with the spiritual teacher Thomas Hübl, Germany, with whom we met during his visit to Israel. Here are some excerpts from the article:

“Hübl thinks that Israel can and should become ‘the light for the nations’ because of Kabbalah. ‘I feel deep resonance with Kabbalah,’ he said. ‘Through it, it is possible to realize personal and global work.’

“During the autumn holidays, Hübl conducted a few conversations with Dr. Laitman, which were filmed for Channel 66. ‘This is a special visit,’ says Hübl. ‘I feel that something great and large-scale, something global begins here. In our time, it is nice to act alone, but the way of the group is much more reliable.’

“Hübl believes that in our time the epoch of separation gives way to the era of unity, and this will allow to create a strong social network of mutual support and giving at the international level. He and Dr. Laitman are working on this together.

“‘Our goal is to create a new perspective, a new state of consciousness, which is described in the plural, in the framework of the concept of we, simply because the time has come, and the world is confronted with the crises…’

“‘Ultimately, these are positive crises, urging us to change. However, many stubbornly cling to the past and are not ready to change anything. Suffering arises when we try to preserve the current state and make it a habit. Here is where the problem starts. The existing structures are collapsing, and this brings fear and threat. When a crack appears in the wall, you begin to fear, and at the same time, you see the light, breaking in from the other side…’

“‘People turn the spiritual quest into a hobby, but if they are honest with themselves, they will understand that they must change their priorities. Spirituality is a way of life. The other danger is to immerse oneself too deeply, without opening to the world outside. We are talking about a different level: to go deep inside, but remain open for the world,’ emphasizes Thomas Hübl.

“‘Nowadays,’ adds Dr. Laitman, ‘when the world finds itself in the network of global and integral connections, it becomes clear that the future of humanity lies in uniting into a single whole according to the principle of mutual guarantee.’

“‘Through our centers, located in more than 112 countries, we actively strengthen ties and cooperation with various organizations around the world, including Thomas Hübl’s Academy of Inner Science, as well as UNESCO and the UN to raise the value of unity and connection above all differences and divisions. This international cooperation, aimed at unification, will lead us along the correct path.’”

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