A Terrible Infection Spreads Around The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dmitry Voblikov, financial analyst, Forex Club, from finmarket.ru): “Unexpectedly for many, the debt crisis has gone beyond the eurozone and begun to infect neighboring countries. New regions are already in danger. This is not surprising because the decision to localize the infection in Greece was not taken on time.

“Now Hungary, which is not even a member of the eurozone, officially seeks credit from the European Commission and the IMF. Investors are concerned about the increased risks associated with the European debt crisis and slow economic growth in Hungary. Thus, the spreading of financial contagion continues, and given the risk of recession in the EU, the extent of infection can be significant.”

My Comment: Still, there is no understanding of the scope of global changes in all spheres of human life and activity. After becoming aware of the global financial crisis, we will begin to recognize it in all areas of life, and the cure for it is only in our unity, universal mutual guarantee, in similarity to the nature of the crisis.

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