US Hunger Rate Triple That In China

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from Gallup): “Gallup surveys in China and the U.S. reveal Chinese are struggling less than Americans to put food on their tables. Six percent of Chinese in 2011 say there have been times in the past 12 months when they did not have enough money to buy food that they or their family needed, down significantly from 16% in 2008. Over the same period, the percentage of Americans saying they did not have money for food in the previous 12 months more than doubled from 9% in 2008 to 19% in 2011.”

My Comment: The figures show the pace of the growing crisis.

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The Crisis Of The European Civilization

Opinion: (Veniamin Popov, Director, Moscow State Institute of Foreign Affairs, from “The 21st century is marked with the acceleration of social-economic and political processes in the world, their increased diversity and complexity. Cataclysms have become so frequent that we are unable to evaluate the essence of phenomena and to draw conclusions.

“The crisis of the western civilization is obvious. Two historic processes are coming to an end:

  • the Eurocentric world is falling apart, Eastern civilizations are coming forward;
  • the 200-year old industrial civilization is coming to an end, and an integrated civilization is being born.

“A need for a systematic renewal of the global strategy is irreversible. Its purpose is the formation of a new way of production and consumption, which provides balance between nature and society, overcomes the abyss between the rich and the poor, and forms a true multi-polar world structure based on a dialogue and partnership of countries and civilizations.

“Europe has given the world science, technology, culture, progress, power, freedom, and comfort. But today’s Europe is degenerating. To maintain their livelihood, Europeans are obligated to accept a foreign work force, which causes interethnic conflicts. The EU was not able to work out an efficient policy to incorporate immigrants into the modern society.

“The financial-economic problems have become the other side of the system crisis of the western civilization. They were caused by the unstoppable greed of banks and corporations, which kept pushing countries to live beyond their means. Fast growing flows of virtual capital have come out from under the control of society and separated from the movement of the real economy.

“The gap between the very rich and the very poor has become immeasurably large. An aspiration to achieve maximum profits increases aggression, greed, and the desire to take over. Facing an increasing lack of resources, the governing circles of European nations are becoming more aggressive.

“Global informational revolution threatens culture and morality. Moral degradation, the collapse of family unit, same sex marriages, drug addiction, alcoholism, prostitution, and pedophilia are on the rise.

“The distance between the government and the general public and the decline in political trust are growing in European countries.

“As the domination of the western civilization is coming to an end, a new giant is appearing on the world arena: Asian civilizations, where more than half of the population are young people with great human potential and natural resources, who prefer “benevolent” authoritarianism to moral pragmatism.”

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Psychologists: Why People Are Unhappy

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: (from “A modern man lives in the era when, having everything, he feels miserable.

“According to scientists, the paradox of misery lies in the fact that people now do not lack goods.

“Humankind has long sought to get rid of any deprivation and then found that without restrictions, there will be no desire. As a consequence, man will feel unhappy.

“’Young people who suffer from psychological disorders come to see psychoanalysts. They are embarrassed that they have everything they want. What they lack is shortage,’ said Claude Schauder, psychologist and psychoanalyst, The University of Strasbourg.

“According to Serge Lesourd, head of Psychology Department at The University of Strasbourg, in our modern society, where people can have everything they want, they miss namely the things that have no value, for instance love.

“’Sigmund Freud said that nothing can be so harsh as a series of cloudless days. Happiness is the difference between the state when we were unhappy and the state when we are happy. And achieving personal happiness is the goal of every human life,’ emphasized Lesourd.”

My Comment: Since happiness can be felt only in the process of fulfilling the desire, one should feel a desire (lack) and its fulfilment constantly, which is impossible in our world. To reach this state, it is necessary to always combine within oneself two qualities: the desire and fulfillment. This is what Kabbalah, the science of fulfillment, teaches.

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A Terrible Infection Spreads Around The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (Dmitry Voblikov, financial analyst, Forex Club, from “Unexpectedly for many, the debt crisis has gone beyond the eurozone and begun to infect neighboring countries. New regions are already in danger. This is not surprising because the decision to localize the infection in Greece was not taken on time.

“Now Hungary, which is not even a member of the eurozone, officially seeks credit from the European Commission and the IMF. Investors are concerned about the increased risks associated with the European debt crisis and slow economic growth in Hungary. Thus, the spreading of financial contagion continues, and given the risk of recession in the EU, the extent of infection can be significant.”

My Comment: Still, there is no understanding of the scope of global changes in all spheres of human life and activity. After becoming aware of the global financial crisis, we will begin to recognize it in all areas of life, and the cure for it is only in our unity, universal mutual guarantee, in similarity to the nature of the crisis.

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.28.11

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