Salt In Order To Sweeten

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we preserve all that we have attained in the Arava convention? How can we pass this force onward?

Answer: In two weeks, we will begin the great convention, and we have to be very anxious about its results. It isn’t just another event, although it is great and impressive. We are proud that we have the ability to hold such complex events in which guests from all over the world take part. This is wonderful, of course, but now we should worry about something that is totally different.

When we went to the desert, we had one worry. We wanted to connect and find a new force in the connection between us: the vessel for the revelation of the Creator. Actually, we have achieved a great result. Each of us at least has tasted the meaning of “unity,” and each of us has a Reshimo, an impression of what he has experienced.

Now, the question is how to preserve these impressions. How do we reinforce them in the next couple of weeks above all the disturbances?

Everything is awakened by means of an opposite force. A friend of ours who has a fig orchard in the Arava told me that they water the trees with salty water. Why do they use salty water, not fresh water? It is because it makes the fruit sweeter. It is as if it urges the fruit to overcome and to ripen.

This is how nature’s universal law is revealed: Spiritual development is realized only by means of opposing forces. This is why we give children different exercises. We want to develop a certain attribute in a child, so we give him the right exercise. We “add salt”: We place him in some difficult situation so that he will overcome the obstacle and learn something from it.

Now, in the coming two weeks, you should watch out for, identify, and overcome the disturbances, while keeping the impressions from the Arava convention so that it won’t just be a spark, but the entire picture of your reality. Every new interruption will enable you to rise to another level. Every step will make you “sweeter,” and we will “taste” you in the convention.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/2011, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Between Heaven And Earth

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee),” (abridged version): The purpose of Creation lies on the shoulders of the whole of the human race. But because of the descent of human nature to the lowest degree, which is the self-love that unrestrictedly rules over all of humanity, there was no way to negotiate with them and persuade them to agree to take upon themselves, to exit their narrow world into the wide spaces of the love of others.

The exception was the Israeli nation because they were enslaved in the savage kingdom of Egypt. Because of these two forewords, they were qualified for it, as it is written, “and there Israel camped before the mountain,” as “one man in one heart. This is because each and every person from the nation completely detached himself from self-love, and wanted only to benefit his friend, for only then were they qualified to receive the Light that Reforms.

The correction of the world is done gradually. It cannot take place in one person, but must be divided among many souls. It cannot be realized in one time, in one generation, but rather in a sequence of generations. The correction cannot take place if everyone is the same. On the contrary, there should be different kinds of people. All these conditions were intended to ease the way.

The correction is always done by two forces: The force of suffering pushes us from behind, and the force of the Light pulls us forward. It makes no difference what kind of people are involved. Thus, we can understand why the souls are not the same. Some begin the correction first—they are called Israel, meaning those who aspire “straight to the Creator(Yashar-El). They correct themselves before all the other souls join the process.

People who belong to the category of Israel feel the evil of their growing egoism, which is called “the Egyptian bondage.” They want to acquire the spiritual world, but encounter resistance: They are thrown backward, and weights are tied to their feet, which prevent them from rising. It is namely Israel who feel many interruptions on their spiritual pathway.

Accordingly, they are given a burning spark of the spiritual desire. Eventually, they find themselves between two opposing forces that pull them forward and backward, practically tearing them in two. On the one hand, they feel a pull upward and, on the other, the Egyptian exile.

This contrast is accompanied by difficult conditions in a difficult historical process, in hostile relationships on the part of the world, and so forth. However, all this helps us fulfill the correction faster than others and then help them. If it weren’t for the final goal, to perform the Creator’s actions in our world, one could only pity us. We can justify this way only if we understand the mission we have been given.

There are forces that push us forward, and there are other forces that won’t let us advance. We experience a very unpleasant development, “between the hammer and the anvil,” but we must understand that we are actually in the center of the corrections, and it all depends on us. Humanity already needs us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/21/2011, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Gentlemen, Let’s Be Well!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe new society that exists in balance with the laws of nature will not face any everyday problems. We will reach a state where people will be physically healthy because physical problems are the consequence of our opposition to nature.

We do not understand what it is to live a proper and good life. Phobias and fears are feelings that keep us from doing certain harmful deeds and stimulate a corresponding social behavior. However, in an integrated system, all social phobias disappear.

The system of mutual, integrated inner dependence operates the same way as the system of our organism, when all its parts work in unison. Each part does what it needs to do and supports the common organism. This way, it remains healthy. The same applies to society. A healthy society where everyone has his place seems to shine its inner strength on everyone and maintains us in a healthy state.

Health is the balance of all inner parameters of a human organism, such as blood pressure, sugar level, and so forth. When we come into balance with all of nature, we restore the balance in us.

All of nature is based only on balance. Any law is a law of balance. Any formulas that we find basically become one formula: our inner balance with nature, when we really enter it like an integral part.

Animals existing in normal conditions do not get sick. They only suffer and fall ill because we introduce abnormalities into nature and deviate from it.

All problems only derive from man because he is the highest degree of development after the still, vegetative, and animate levels of nature. The level of “man” affects all the lower levels, and this is why we are the source of problems for the entire world. The extent to which we will aspire toward integration will determine the condition of the rest of the world.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/30/2011

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The Upper World Is Simple!

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is no “upper world”; the upper world is the connection between us. If we feel this unification, we will sense the upper world within it. It does not exist somewhere outside of us. The spiritual world does not exist on its own. We, ourselves, create it and form it.

There is the simple upper Light, and there is a point standing in the midst of the Light. It is divided into many parts. If we unite this point into one whole and connect all of its parts together, it becomes similar to the Light. According to the law of similarity of form, it turns into a big vessel (Kli) for the Light.

It turns out that this black point within the Light of Infinity is transformed into a huge vessel that includes the entire Light. Without connecting its parts together, there is no vessel, there is nothing except for the black point. “Existence from existence” is the Light, while “existence from absence” is a tiny desire, which is still not sensed, non-existent as the creature.
From Lesson 1, Arvut Convention at the Arava Desert 11/18/2011

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It’s All About The Feelings

Dr. Michael LaitmanEssentially, we have nothing more to learn except the concept of Arvut (mutual guarantee). Our entire life and everything that would help us on the way to another life, to another existence, everything is attained within the vessel called “Arvut.”

The Creator created us with an egoistic desire to receive. This desire senses itself, thus we are, after all, vessels of sensations.

Prior to my coming to Rabash, I had studied Kabbalistic sources for a few years. I employed regular, rationalistic methods and tried to understand the material through the intellect as it is customary in other sciences. After all, the wisdom of Kabbalah is a science. But Rabash told me that in Kabbalah, it’s all a matter of feelings.

For me, “emotions” were something that lacked importance: Today I feel this way, and tomorrow I feel differently. I can drink a glass of wine and then life will be more cheerful, and I can listen to something sad and become sad myself. The emotions are something not real; they change, depending on the surroundings, on rumors, and many other factors.

I continued studying with Rabash and maintained the scientific approach: I used my intellect, but I used it on the emotions. The wisdom of Kabbalah researches the Light, goodness and pleasure, peace and movement, the overcoming, and drawing closer or distancing…. And all of this tells us what is happening within the desire. Although our work is calibrated according to various parameters, it is only in order to grasp and feel something within the desire. Our entire development has an emotional nature and is determined only according to the measure that we penetrate within our sensations.

Of course, feelings are accompanied by reason because we need to develop ourselves intellectually, consciously. When we feel something, we need to know how to measure this feeling, to be aware of what kind of sensation it is: Do we perceive it as external or internal, is it imaginary, how is it possible to examine it, and how do we go from current values and standards to other, more real values?

I need to objectively compare one with the other, outside of my current subjective feelings and understanding, which is called “above reason.” I begin to grasp that the “reason’’ is a vessel for the emotion, filled with the Light of Hassadim (Mercy) and the Light of Hochma (wisdom). When the Light of Hochma fills my vessels, my emotions, it gives me the facts, and the Light of faith enables me to broaden this “factual material” in me. But this way or the other, they are perceived within the sensation.

If a person penetrates a little deeper within the essence of his perception of his world, he understands that everything depends only on feeling. We are analog not digital systems.

When I served in the army, I discovered to my surprise that in the F15 jets, the instrument panels are full of indicator dials, despite that for the on-land equipment a digital control panel was used. The experts understand that man is an analog system. He can quickly identify situations, but not digits. When he quickly looks at the “control panel,” he immediately grasps their general picture.  When it comes to the value of numbers, he has to translate them within himself into some sensation, while the dial on the scale automatically instills in him this feeling.

Hence, we are sensual creatures, and all of our lives are built on feeling. Even if we measure our life according to money, power, or control, at the end, all of this is only to reach a correct conclusion: We need to develop our real vessels, vessels of sensations.

The politicians, bureaucrats, or technocrats who use the scientific, rational, “digital,” approach seem to us quite respectable. It is as if it is not worthy of them to develop feelings. However, the technocrats are very limited. They still haven’t moved from their personal, simple calculations, like “two multiplied by two” to the essence of the calculations. By experiencing another few small crises, they will understand what they missed. This is the way children grow up. But in general, it is desirable that the intellect and the feelings will develop reciprocally in a person, in harmony.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/20/2011, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11.24.11

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