The Perception Of Life: A Dream Or Reality?

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is an ancient materialistic theory about the perception of reality. What do our senses perceive: something that is happening outside of us or within us? This is the problem: It’s one of the two.

By changing the range of our sensors and allegedly perceiving something outside of us, we still observe only a very small part of the whole picture. There are certain ranges in which we are unable to distinguish the vibrations within. It’s feasible that totally different vibrations exist, which are not accessible to the perception instruments that we have developed.

The tools that we have invented to enhance our senses are based on our organs of perception. For example, in order to sense temperature fluctuations, we’ve added adequate sensors to tools already existing. At the same time, in order to better differentiate between certain visual images, we’ve created optical sensors, and so on. However, we are unable to build tools to perceive something that we have never observed due to the lack of appropriate sensors. We are only able to create additional tools that broaden our existing sensors that help us “see” many phenomena better.

This means that in fact we perceive only a very limited part of the external world. Today, it is proven that there is some “dark” matter and some other unclear phenomena. It’s as if we are sensing something, but it is not available to us.

The second theory declares that there is nothing outside of us and that our organs of perception represent a certain type of “contact” between our internal similarities and the external world. According to this theory, a person is a “closed box” within which there exists a desire that constantly senses something. We consider these sensations our life.

In other words, I exist within my desire, which includes you, this studio, everything there is in it, anything I imagine, all my fantasies, ideas, and reminiscences. Everything exists only within my desire, in my brain, and nowhere else. We are “a thing in and of itself.”

I am a follower of the second supposition, although there are many other theories. I am positive that we all exist within ourselves, emerge from our internal desires, and perceive a developmental program that our desire goes through, and this program is in fact our life. At this time, we are acquiring an opportunity to start running this program and consequently, to become able to rule our own life. We can move forward and backward, up and down in any direction, following any coordinates and axis.

Nature allows us to jump to the next ultimate level of realization of the system that we live in. It allows us to understand who we are and what kind of world we live in, whether it’s a dream or a reality, and what the difference between them is.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/16/2011

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The Power Of Environment

Dr. Michael LaitmanHow do we lead ourselves to a state where we will feel ourselves and others as one whole? It’s done by building a certain environment, and that doesn’t even need to be proven. Out of everything that surrounds us, an environment is the only tool that is capable of influencing us and with which we can influence ourselves.

If I influence others and arrange everything in such a way that they influence me in a certain way, this influence, moving through them and coming back to me, is perceived by me as an external influence. And that external influence changes me.

An environment builds a person. If a child is left in the woods, he will grow into the same animal like those that surround him. If he or she is sent into a good pre-school and school, he will become what that environment builds out of him or her. Therefore, we only have to care about the environment.

The environment can make us become anyone. An environment has power over us specifically because we are integrally connected. Each of us is a part of the whole system, a small cell in a huge organism, and it’s through this organism that its idea, power, plan, precise thoughts, and feelings become ours. We can’t resist them because we are included in this system.

We build such an environment together, but in fact, every one of us has to learn how to do that. Our goal is to consciously enter the next degree with the understanding of what we do.

For the first time, man becomes the creator of a new level in nature. Practically speaking, he doesn’t create anything specific, but rather consciously adjusts himself to this system. He becomes Adam (man). “Adam” comes from the word “Domeh,” similar to the next level of nature.

Thereby, he begins to understand the whole system of nature: How universal thought works, how it is governed, and why this happens this way and not the other. He begins to attain the purpose of creation and rises above the entire nature we perceive (still, vegetative, and animate) to the level of “Adam” (man) who is similar to all of nature in its higher design, through the entire noosphere, the higher dimension.

Sooner or later, we will reach that, but the questions is at what price. It’s either we go through great sufferings that will force us to change or we build a society that beckons us, adjusts us to this integral nature, and we consciously, with understanding, aspire to it with our desire and thus make our world better.
From a TV Program “The Integral World” 10/16/2011

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The Force That Shines Within You

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe begin our spiritual path by an awakening from Above, from a so-called “point in the heart.” It awakens during one of our reincarnations at a certain moment under certain circumstances. We don’t know why, but a person suddenly lacks a sensation of fulfillment in his desire to enjoy in anything that he does in life.

On the other hand, he starts sensing a new, additional desire that draws him somewhere.  As it often happens in our life, he begins to feel both points simultaneously. Let’s say, he gets disappointed in some work; it seems to him that some other occupation could satisfy him better. He gets dissatisfied in various life situations and at the same time begins to see new possibilities.

The same applies here. Eventually, I become disappointed in my life, and this doesn’t require dramatic circumstances, like bankruptcies or other problems. I simply don’t feel satisfaction. At the same time, I start following a new, unclear direction, and I arrive at a place that seems to better fulfill me.

What’s the difference? So far, there is no difference. Many people join various circles, societies, groups, or New Age spiritual movements, or they fulfill themselves by playing sports or getting involved in various hobbies.

At first, when a person finds the wisdom of Kabbalah, it’s not clear to him what’s going on and how this is different from other places. He hears: “If you want to achieve anything, you should join the group,” but this idea doesn’t seem to be special since there are so many other places where the same condition is brought forward.

Very seldom is a person required to unite with others; usually it entails an exquisitely external effort. Every so often he is expected to make an internal effort to connect with others, for example, let’s say a military unit in which everybody should take care of others in order to achieve the goal, which is clearly egoistic.

This is very different in a Kabbalistic group. They say: “Only by reaching bestowal will you gain a general force of giving.” But where do you get it? Not only should you strive to connect with your friends, but you also should demand that a new special force reveals itself from within your unity.

This force will reveal itself as a result of your new activities, meaning your desire to connect in a non-egoistic way, like in a military team, but rather in accordance with advice of Kabbalists, the teachers who lead us towards a new upper dimension. If you listen to what they say and read what they write about the upper dimension, you’ll join the group and will try to reach unity with your friends. You’ll also learn how to love your friends, and you’ll read books that elucidate the connection and love between you.

You should expect that the books and the efforts to connect with others will reveal a new force called “bestowal and love.” Thus you will grow from within this force of love and bestowal. The upper force that shines within you will grant you this sensation.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/1/2011, Writings of Rabash

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A Student’s Obligation Is To Be Happy!

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe should always strive for perfection! A person develops only because he constantly walks the right line, which is expressed by happiness. We should always picture the good states: the states of development, ascent, high spirits, awe, the Creator’s greatness, and the importance of the goal.

This is what all our work and concern should be aimed at so we do not allow the ego to bring us to despair. This is very important.

Sometimes it may seem that we drown in self-criticism and seriously and painfully delve into ourselves. These may be considered signs of a great man working on himself. Yet it isn’t working on yourself, but rather following your egoism.

Being serious doesn’t mean to walk around with a sad face, but to be in great tension, to constantly keep the feeling of the greatness of the goal. You should raise yourself to the image of the desired goal as you imagine it. This should keep you in constant yearning and awe to reach the state of bestowal upon the Creator, to please Him as a loved one.

It says: “You shall have no other gods.” Can you imagine a situation in which only the Creator is in front of you as your constant goal? If so, you should develop your attitude towards Him and understand how, under what conditions, and in which case can you bestow upon Him? It is only when you are together with the friends yearning to be with them. That is, we have a common desire, one direction, in which everyone connects and is drawn to Him in order to make Him happy. After all, there is nothing else we can give Him!

To imagine this situation and to live with this yearning is the initial state from which a person begins the right movement towards the goal. This is called the right line.

When the left light appears opposite to this, we will understand that it was given to us so that we will raise the right line even higher until we attain actual bestowal. We can reach it only if the left line grows, and we advance above it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/1/2011, Writings of Rabash

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