The Solution Is In Unity

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Dragutin Matanovic, senior adviser to the Interior Minister of Serbia, the chairman of the Socialist Party of Serbia, “Speaking of the civilization crises, Matanovic emphasized the three factors: the end of the oil era, the end of cheap food supply era, and the increase in Earth’s temperature. It brings about the collapse of neoliberalism and the end of capitalism in general.

“Oil is a non-renewable resource: 90 percent of all production uses oil, and there is no alternative to it….The end of oil will cause conflicts and wars….

“The collapse of neoliberalism implies the destruction of the idea of ​​European unity. As a consequence, nationalistic and left-wing parties come to power in Europe.…

“The EU policy towards other the new members of EU and the countries of the former Soviet Union… is to destroy their industry and agriculture. It’s because the production capacity in the West is huge, and they need just a market for their goods, not competitors.”

“As Dr. Henry Kissinger said: ‘Who controls the food supply controls the people; who controls energy can control whole continents; who controls money controls the world.’”

My Comment: These are all the signs of decaying capitalism, or rather, global egoism in all the countries and governments. Now, we only have to realize that the way out of the complete collapse is in total unity. There is no other way out because this is the condition of nature. We have to search together how to achieve this.

And then, suddenly, the eyes will open, and a new method of correction of human nature, changing it precisely for a correct connection, will be found. And the reward, besides achieving perfection in this world and on the planet, is the revelation of the new level of existence—eternal and perfect.

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  1. The Serbian minister, like all government officials never tells the whole story but is always paid by big business to say what they want.

    There are many alternative energy sources that are free , virtually limitless, cost so little and cause no pollution. Just nobody wants to use them, because there is no profit in it.

    Nikola Tesla built an engine that runs on water. Very simply, it splits water to hydrogen and oxygen, utilizing the hydrogen to create an endless source or free energy. This invention has been suppressd for 100 years and continues to be suppressed, Even though many inventors are trying to bring it to mass awareness today.

    Once again, it’s just a symptom of egoism, where a few trillionaires run the
    Major industries and make all of us dependent on their product and not find an alternative.

    A few people live like absolute kings while we are forced to live in polluted world eating genetically modified foods, living in a controlled society where if you say anything against them you are called a terrorist.

    The solution is the same. WE have to unite.

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