The Crisis Is Just Beginning

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Sergei Karaganov, Deputy Director, The Institute of Europe at the Russian Academy of Sciences; Chairman of the Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defense Policy): “The global crisis is just beginning and will affect everyone. But it is not clear how and when countries will come together to jointly start overcoming it….

“This crisis and this new period in world history threaten to inflict inevitable hardships on billions of people… Coupled with rapid geopolitical changes… this period may bring a dramatic destabilization of the international situation and an increased risk of conflicts….

“The matter at hand is not just a deep financial and economic crisis. This is an overall crisis of the entire system of global governance; a crisis of ideas on which global development was based; and a crisis of international institutions….

“Overcoming this overall crisis will require a new round of reforms, the construction of international institutions and systems for governing the world economy and finance, and a new philosophy for global development….

“Some principles for building the future system:
– Free trade and a liberal economic order coupled with basically stricter international regulation.
– Joint elaboration and coordination of policies by the most powerful and responsible countries….
– Collective efforts to fill the security vacuum, rather than create new dividing lines and sources of conflict.
– Joint solution of energy problems….
– Russia and the European Union must strive… for a strategic alliance.
– The goal of development must be progress, not democracy. Democracy is a consequence and an instrument of progress.”

My Comment: To summarize, the crisis is just beginning, and the solution is unification. Otherwise, we are headed for deprivation!

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