Models Of Post-Crisis Development

Dr. Michael LaitmanEditorial in the News (by Paolo Raimondi, economist and editorialist, Italian economic daily ItaliaOggi): “The main problem of the current crisis is the idea that finances are able to create real values. Finances play a role in the credit system, providing the transformation of scientific discoveries into new technologies. The next crisis will be a terrible combination of the financial and monetary crises.”

Comment: The next crisis will be that of a society which disagrees with the current socio-economic ties and opposes the new, altruistic connections, the evolutionary development that nature obliges us to undergo.

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  1. My thoughts exactly, this is what I think will happen in the next stage as well.

  2. The blind of heart or mind believe the war is eternal, and nothing can be done but to save yourself by winning over another.

    Hiaarchy is the development of the cell, the body, the one. It existed in this form before as well, when cells battled for who wins before the age of grand unifications. We stand at the precipice, the inflection point whereby we may have peace on earth but war in heaven, the new realm of the higher one, mankind. The test is whether or not we keep the realization of peace and unity in our mind as we branch out, and skip the entire war phase and develop our ones, our egos collaboratively. This is the easy are true path.

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