FAQ On Kabbalah – The Rise Of Ego

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  1. This was a very good question and answer. I agree, authentic Kabbalah is NOT popular. Just try convincing anyone to give rather than receive, or telling them there is some benefit to it, and even though it is better to give than receive…they will have a hard time convincing themselves that it’s a great idea. They just don’t see it. And, they don’t see it, because as you say, there isn’t the spiritual connection there. More importantly there isn’t that feeling there. If someone doesn’t feel good to give, then they aren’t going to relate to giving being better than receiving as something attainable to them or real. It’s hard to explain this. But looking closely at others in the “spiritually psychological sense” (your term, good one too I think :-)) I can see this happening. Because there is no connection there to the spiritual world, there is no understanding of it. It’s a hard abyss to jump over. They just need “faith above reason” to get them over it. That is, trusting that giving or loving above our desires is the direction to go in. This is a very hard concept for many to grasp.

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