Calculation In The Corrected Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe instruments with which we work in our world are our corporeal mind and heart that are in conflict with one another. Developing one, we seem to prevent ourselves from advancing the other. Usually, we can see a person’s tendencies already in their childhood: whether they are scientifically or artistically inclined. It can be accurately determined based on a person’s preferences and characteristics.

We say: “Don’t succumb to the feelings, use reason.” On the other hand, we add: “You don’t feel it yet; when you do, you will understand.” In other words, feelings help to acquire reason, in order to assess one’s feelings. After all, thought derives from sensation. And yet, our mind and feelings constantly argue.

As to the spiritual world, there, feeling and the mind are one. Sensation is the key since it begets a thought and helps in understanding and attaining one’s feelings. The real spiritual vessel is the unification of a feeling and the mind along the phases from 0 to 4. And when we reach the final one, phase 4, we get to understand what we are feeling in full and make decisions accordingly. At this point, the conflict between mind and heart no longer exists.

This points to an enormous difference between the corporeal and the spiritual worlds. This is why spiritual existence is called perfection. After all, there, a person doesn’t get torn into two opposite directions as in our world when he has feelings and lives at the mercy of his sensations, acting like a fool, as if he has no brain. His mind says it is wrong, while he still follows the heart.

Hence, reason and feeling in this world are out of balance, which makes us suffer and causes us to err and fail. The problem is that in our world, we cannot unify our mind and heart since our egoism stands between them.

Mindful egoism and sensual egoism oppose each other. It happens ever so often when we understand that our action is unreasonable from the mind’s point of view, while we still succumb to the heart since we desire to receive pleasure, and so we act and suffer for it afterwards. In fact, in the end, we have to pay the price according to the mindful calculation for all that we have done while listening to the heart.

And there is one single solution to it: correction of man since only in the spiritual world feeling and the mind become one—“above reason.” It is written: “The heart understands” because the understanding derives specifically from a spiritual sensation. And then we stop making mistakes and make a right calculation!
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/8/11, Shamati #45

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