Playing With The Infinite Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll that occurs after the four phases of the Light’s expansion in the will to receive is nothing but the creature’s reaction to its discovering the Creator. The entire creation outside of Malchut of the world of Infinity is its impressions of what it finds inside itself, which is regarded as the worlds, expansion from above downward, the breaking, and returning back up, from below upward.

Everything unfolds solely inside Malchut, and beyond this, there is nothing else. The entire reality is made of emotions and feelings, Malchut’s response, until it reaches the final clarification, the “End of Correction.”

The tip of the letter "Yod,” containing the active, abstract force of the Creator, is where His action ends. It results in the following: matter, form clothed in matter, the abstract form, and the essence. Besides that, the upper one, the creative force, doesn’t work on the creature any further. His job was finished once He stamped His name on it.

As to the lower one, it has to find this Name with the help of all other names, meaning its experiences and impressions. Whenever I feel that I exist as a consequence of the act of the upper force, what I experience is the Creator’s name.

This is why He has so many names. The entire Torah is the holy names of the Creator, even Pharaoh and the other wicked such as Bilam and Balak. There is nothing else except for what matter and Light experience together since the Light has imprinted matter with it. When all of this unfolds, it will be the "End of Correction."

This is why in the world of Infinity, where “He and His Name are one,” the Light imprints desire with its entire form, and this is all He can give to Malchut. Further on, Malchut works on its own with the Light that it now contains.

It conceals itself so as not to feel Him, then disappears from Him, connects with Him, and creates all possible combinations with Him regarded as Partzufim. However, all of this is a game it plays by using the screen, the game with the infinite Light that fills it.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/31/2011, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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