Passover Seder: The Order Of The Birth Of The World Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanMatza symbolizes the state when the “bread of Bina” is eaten, which comes from the degree of Bina, bestowal. And even though we are still on the degree of Malchut and lack the ability to ascend, we must try as hard as we can to perform actions of bestowal and connect with one another.

Although it is absolutely clear to us that we will not succeed, it does not matter: We still need to carry out these actions because they attract the upper Light towards us, and the Light then performs its action called our “liberation.”

Man’s exit from this world, from the property of egoistic reception, pragmatic knowledge, one’s ego, does not happen in a regular manner, according to the order of the degrees. This is like the process of being born, which entirely happens in the dark, in a rush. At birth, the fetus must turn upside down and go from one world into another: from within his mother, his inner degree, into the external world.

Our soul is born in exactly the same way. And this is why no other holiday has such a precise order of actions during the holiday feast. Usually, we only bless food and wine. But a Passover meal has an entire order (Seder in Hebrew) which needs to be followed precisely. This is because man’s exit from his ego, from our world, and his attainment of the perception of the spiritual world, a higher dimension, which is referred to as his spiritual birth, does not happen according to regular laws.

Usually desires grow according to the order of the degrees: two stages of the small state (Katnut Aleph and Bet), two stages of the big state (Gadlut Aleph and Bet), alternating the internal and the external states, and once again: the internal and the external. In other words, the desires and the Light grow gradually.

But during birth, everything seems to happen “incorrectly,” the other way around. And this is why the Passover meal is called “Seder” (order), it is a special order which does not correspond to the laws of consecutive growth according to the degrees.

The thing is that this degree we are now experiencing during the “exit of Egypt” is our birth. And then the soul that was born only keeps growing, but a real “revolution” happens on this degree. This is why the entire order of a Passover meal: “Kiddush” (blessing), “Urchatz” (the washing of hands), “Karpas” (dipping the greens into salt water), “Yachatz” (breaking of Matza), “Maggid” (tale of the exit out of Egypt), and so on does not happen according to the regular order of the correspondence of Lights and desires, which they should follow in growth.

For this reason, even when being in Egypt, the egoistic desire, having an egoistic attitude towards one another and only thinking about one’s own self (after all, Pharaoh rules over you), we need to do all possible actions and try to rise above him and find a new connection between us, regardless of all his power. We need to find a connection that exists outside of Egypt. This means to tune into the future redemption.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/18/2011, “This Is for Judah”

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  1. In fact there is no difference between repentance of, evil or love, in this world. It is the same manipulation from above and the same processes to live through.

    The first says “flee” and the second says “stay”. To be inprinted in the kli these words comes with flavors, “fear” for “flee” “love” for “stay”. (in the low end meanings).

    Fear, roots in heat which dilates and distances. Love roots in cold that contracts and closes. But in this world they are as sensations felt as opposite: love as warmth and fear as cold. The liars

    So both low flavors are despicable liars to be seen through.

    Yesh untrusted, both are miraculous lenses to let the light in, leading to visions that dont need to be seen, then next fear, then next love. At some point “fear is false” gets enough as an order.

    Now exploring “love” forgeries.
    There is non else beside Him.

    Kol tuv rav ve haverim may the cool be on us.
    eli feruch

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