Renewing All The Sciences

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you envision a Kabbalistic school?

Answer: Humanity has to reveal that upbringing has to be based on allowing a person to understand that he exists in a common, integral, global system and that he has to treat the world based on its laws. If he doesn’t take them into consideration, then he will not be able to succeed in anything, even in the simplest things.

We have developed all of the existing systems and all of the natural sciences based on our egoistic nature. But now we have to develop a different kind of science, the science of the new world— the science of Kabbalah. This is because the more we reveal the mutual connection among all parts of the world, the more this will require us to have a new attitude to it.

No one will be able to follow the previous calculations: not in physics, nor in chemistry, nor in construction. And that is because the laws will become integral and this will be evident in everything!

We observe nature, but we have no idea how it will behave. We don’t have an ability to find out what will happen because we ourselves are not integral. For now we are still able to make some kind of forecasts using our previous premises, but very soon we won’t be able to anymore. That’s because we are unable to properly treat the altruistic (integral, analog) system based on our egoistic (numeric, singular) system.

These are completely different systems, having a different analysis, decision making, and control, similar to systems that work on alternating or direct current. They cannot work on both simultaneously.

Therefore, we will have to renew all of our sciences that were created by our egoistic qualities in the individual perspective of the world, and upgrade them according to the new forces of the single system that are being revealed in the world. This will affect absolutely all areas of our activity. Otherwise we won’t know how to do anything in our world! The world will start behaving according to the Upper System which descends or becomes revealed inside of our system, from within this world.

Therefore, unless we give children knowledge about this new system, they won’t be able to understand the new approach to all the natural sciences! All sciences talk about connections and interactions among forces and qualities in nature, and these will start being expressed as ever more corrected and interdependent. As such, they can only be understood by someone who will be on their level through the inner organization of his thoughts and desires.

I suppose that the process of learning will take place in the whole world over the Internet. All the different kinds of discussions and interactions among children will take place in order to teach them how to live in society, and this will happen in groups.

I think that school as it exists today where children come to class to listen to the teacher, will gradually die out. More and more attention will be devoted to unity among the children. And they will be taught special subjects by means of the Internet.
From the talk about education on 2/4/11

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