The Creating Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe created being is desire. The Creator or Light created the desire, the Kli (vessel), that matches Him. To the extent of His desire to please, fulfill, evoke the sensation of kindness, warmth, and overall good, He created a need directed towards Him, a need for His properties which He wants to be manifested in His creation.

But to make sure that this desire does not become automatic, that it operates, strives to be like the Light, and feels its existence, the mind develops next to it. The mind is an outcome, and this is why it is the main human characteristic: “What do you desire?” This does not refer to a natural desire; it is what I envision as a good state in my mind.

The difference between the desired and the actual is the vector of all our actions. People are judged according to this criterion: the direction of their actions, aspirations, and hopes. Our actions do not become realized on their own, but rather under the influence of the environment. The next optimal state can be unconditioned, and we select it under the influence of the environment. This way, the environment where we find ourselves forms us and our future.

And this is why man is given the mind and a sensation of lack. Now, he can use the environment to direct himself towards the next state which he himself chooses.

The vector of aspirations and its volume characterizes us. This is why we never judge a person according to his current state: It was evoked in him from Above. Instead, we evaluate a person according to the actions he performs in relation to his environment, with the purpose of evoking in him a certain direction of thoughts and desires for a new state.

And this is why we need to create an environment around us, which will precisely define our future state, the state that we aspire to. According to this future image that imagination paints to us, we evaluate ourselves and the group from a distance and ahead of time.

Just like the group, a person is only judged according to the vector: the direction of his aspiration and its strength. If a group wants to control itself, if a person wants to understand his direction, he always needs to see the next expected image before him. He needs to focus his attention solely on it, live only in it. Then our advancement will be quick, and the thoughts and Reshimot (informational data) arising in us will manifest immediately.

And this is why one’s primary task is to work on thought, imagine the next states as correctly and as vividly as possible. The thought creates and builds our future. It is the foundation of our action, and this way it brings it to reality.
From Lesson 2 in Moscow 1/17/2011, Shamati

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  1. The more I listen to you, the more I know the books of Moses. I’ve always thought that this was what we were suppose to study, and now I’m sure.


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