Post-Convention Questions From The Blog, Part 2

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At the recent Convention, there was a strong presence of the female part of the Kli. They were asking numerous questions, and what I heard and felt in them was that the male half doesn’t exert enough effort, and the women wish to receive the Light that Reforms themselves.

I am speaking about all the women: those who are married and whose husbands study Kabbalah, those who are not married yet, or those whose husbands are not studying Kabbalah. True, the Light comes from the Creator, not a male or female. And it doesn’t matter who you are, male or female, except the realization.

Won’t it be so that many women (and men since everyone has a female part, which is the only one I can work with) use it as a guide to action? It would divide us, would it not? Why then do we need to be married, men and women? Or are your answers only for women whose husbands are not studying Kabbalah yet?

Answer: A person gets married not to receive the Light from his wife, but in order to place himself in the setting most beneficial for spiritual advancement. This is what Kabbalists advise, and a man who ignores it deprives himself of an opportunity to advance. He thinks that he can logically justify or debunk what a higher spiritual degree is telling him.

A Kabbalists’ recommendation is “Segula,” a magic potion that needs to be taken. Men are obligated to marry; women are not. And spiritual work remains spiritual work for both. There is a World Kli, its male and female parts, each of which must be working for the sake of our unification and aspiration to the Creator.

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  1. Rav,

    Considering the limited number of men and women studying, isn’t it a bit selfish for a single woman studying not to get married? After all there are single men studying kabbalah who long to be with a woman who also studies.

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