The World Does Have A Chance

A comment of the ARI Films Channel user on after he viewed the video clip “Kabbalah – Five Basic Principles” (230,000 views, takes the third place on Google after Wikipedia and when searching for the word “Kabbalah”):

“I am a Sufi Muslim and find the words of this teacher in the video to be very wise and beautiful. The emphasis on the ego as the source of separation and illusion echoes what the Sufi masters also teach. This proves that the Source has always been one and the same – God the Almighty. And that Kabbalah, Gnosticism, and Sufism are the three hairs on the same head.

If more people listened to teachers who taught such wisdom, the world might have a chance.

Love and Light to all”

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One Comment

  1. This is beautiful. Clearly the problems come from the breaking of the unified awareness and truth that permeates all world religions by the Egotistical will to receive. Sometimes there is such powerful overwhelming sin that leaders intentionally confuse and shatter the unified children of the infinite.

    No longer, the information flow has increased so much that we are no longer fooled. We will be one again very soon, I am joyous!

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