We Have Discovered Pharaoh; The Creator Is Next

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why didn’t the Creator walk Moses through the Machsom (the barrier separating us from spirituality) at the last Convention and leave the Pharaoh to stack the chairs?

Answer: Where was our Moses when we had to plea for exiting Egypt? Where was our cry to the Creator? There was no one but Pharaoh.

We did not demand from the Creator to break the wall between us. Everybody was waiting: “When on earth will He reveal Himself? I want to be filled!” We were still ruled by Pharaoh. Moreover, we got to see what was in our way, what blocks our unity.

It wasn’t accidental that I immediately threw to the audience the words about the necessity to think about our mutual connection, submerging into it, and finding the torn strings in order to tie them together. No dancing, no talking, just let everybody look within themselves and think solely about how to unify with all the others.

And what was the result? We got stuck. It turned out that I am unable to do it. And it’s good because I got to see something important: I am totally disconnected from the others; there is no link. All strings and channels are cut. There isn’t a tiny impulse. I’ll do anything but unify with the others, absorb their thoughts and desires so that they, God forbid, become like my own.

This is the power of Pharaoh. But where is the cry? Yes, we are cut off, isolated from each other. But where is our plea to make us unite? Why aren’t You coming to unite us?!

We don’t have the need for such a plea yet. We still think that we can unite by our own will: “We will make an effort and succeed.” But how is it possible to achieve this with our egoistic qualities?

The need for the Creator must be born from our mutual work, when the group will obligate everyone to use this method and convince them that the Creator will correct the situation. We need the Creator’s labor, not Bnei Baruch’s. We must provide only the plea. When we achieve this collective, world-wide demand for His correction of us, we will ascend to the next degree indeed.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/19/10, “Questions and Answers”

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