Make The Creator Important

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Creator wanted to create the creature identical to Him. And this is a true blessing. Why then didn’t the creature become like Creator in the first place? It’s because the creature must construct itself.

The relationship between the Creator and the creature is performed by way of reception and bestowal. The Creator readily bestows fulfillment to the creature and, in addition, gives the creature an opportunity to do the same in return. The more important the Creator is in the eyes of the creature, the more it can give Him. In the end, it will indeed become independent and equal to the Creator.

Thus, they establish total reciprocity. Man receives fulfillment ascending to the level of the Creator, but only if he wants to become identical to Him.

This additional desire that we need to find is called aspiration. It stems from realizing the importance of Creator. We observe the same in our world: If someone is important in my eyes, I strive to give something to that person. For instance, a child is important for parents, and they endeavor to give him gifts.

It turns out that I have to constantly work towards realizing the importance of this rung, the property called “Creator.” In this way, we achieve similarity with the Creator, naturally finding what is important to us: the property of bestowal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/17/10, “The Creator Created the Evil Inclination and the Torah as a Spice”

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