Love Thy Neighbor And Nothing More

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: An absolute majority of psychologists and psychiatrists state that sexual orientation is not something a person chooses, nor can it be adjusted. All attempts to alter sexual orientation have been unsuccessful.

Does a gay person have to re-define his or her sexual inclination in accordance with Kabbalah’s requirements? Does he have a choice?

Answer: Kabbalah doesn’t ask a person to make any changes on the material level. If the intention of a person is “to love his neighbor,” that is, to correct his egoism, then all his worldly actions will be right.

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  1. So this means that gay people will find a non-judgmental and friendly home within Bnei Baruch, and they can fully participate in the process of Kabbalah without fear.

  2. My question once again is: “When a corporeal homosexual man corrects his spiritual root, does that mean he will become heterosexual in this corporeal world?”

  3. I fully understand the need to correct dark aspects of our ego in the corporeal realm and to love thy neighbor as we value ourselves, but the alternative lifestyle issue in the material world and it’s practice is clearly against Torah ( can’t separate Torah from the Creator) instruction. Are you saying that all of Torah has to do with the upper world and nothing to do with we act on in the Malchut?

  4. In my opinion, Christopher, there is no need. Everything has its reason to be, and we can´t change the way we are, as much as we try.

    This raises a lot of questions of course, because if your statement were true, then we would be endlessly going back to the beginning when we thought that homosexuality was wrong, when in fact it wasn´t. That only served a majority, which is not the totality. Diversity and difference has always been here in the world, except for the respect for it, sadly.

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