Don’t Be Afraid To Be Turned Upside Down

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is there such a big difference between spiritual objects where the lower one is always considerably worse than the upper one?

Answer: The lower Partzuf isn’t just lesser than the upper one. It is worse in absolutely everything and opposite to it because on the spiritual ladder, all degrees are opposite to one another.

The upper degree is not just a little smarter, more knowing and perceiving. It is the same as in the four phases of the Direct Light. The first phase (Behina Aleph) is totally opposite to the second one (Behina Bet) both in relation to desires (Kelim, vessels) and in relation to the Lights. Similarly, the third phase (Behina Gimel) is opposite to Behina Bet. No consecutive degrees differ from each other just a little bit; they are always completely contrary to each other.

We don’t feel this in our corporeal world. Our egoistic desire simply continues to grow, getting more and more intelligent; here everything is clear to us. However, in spirituality, the upper degree is so opposite to the previous one that they are incapable of understanding each other. It refers even to the adjacent degrees, not to mention those separated by an interval.

Therefore, when we read a text written by a Kabbalist, we can only ask for our correction, raise MAN (Mayin Nukvin, Female Water). My own explanation is also aimed solely at focusing you on it.

All of the fancy things we are studying will help us only in forming a plea to the Creator. It’s because the ascent from one degree to the next can be made on the condition that the Upper Light turns us “upside down” or “downside up,” each time making a complete revolution.

This is how ascent occurs on the spiritual degrees, like in an embryo that turns upside down when it is about to be born. This way, he is prepared to come out. And while it’s being born (while coming out), it turns upside up again, now being at the next degree. However, it covers the gap between the degrees namely by turning upside down.

It is impossible to receive the next degree having not completely freed oneself from the previous one. “Upside down” means emptying oneself of all Light at the moment of birth. It is impossible to receive the Light of Ruach without emptying oneself of the entire Light of Nefesh because they are opposite to each other.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/2/10, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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  1. What does one do with the fear that intermittently grips a person, knowing that the goal is so important to ever let go of, but fearing he/she can’t survive the next blow or will ever really be redeemed?

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