Allow The Creator To Work On You

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: From the very beginning of the lesson, I feel that I am battling myself in order to hold the intention, but I fail constantly. How can I hope to win this battle someday?

Answer: Since you’re asking me, I will tell you just one thing: If a person doesn’t connect himself to the group, the teacher, and the studies using every means possible, he will not survive. Only patience and perseverance can help… “Holding on with his teeth,” a person needs to determine his place and advance against his ego.

If you are here and you are constantly unhappy, wishing to escape every minute, and you still stay, be grateful at least for this. After all, this is already some kind of connection. It’s not important that you are “naked and deprived of everything,” as was written about King David. Nevertheless, you have some connection to the Torah.

Nothing can be done. We don’t understand to what extent we need to perform inner work. We cannot see this. A person constantly judges himself. He forgets that he is dealing with the Creator.

After all, the Creator gives you all this. He wishes to pull out all the stubbornness from you, all your pride, foolishness, and dumbness in the mind and in the heart. He pulls you in various directions, not leaving you alone even for a minute.

Allow Him to work on you. What can you do? How long will it go on? The more you can withstand, the faster He will carry out this work. However, if you are unable to stand it and every minute you scream, “Oh, no! Just not this!” He lessens His influence since He is proceeding along with you. It turns out that you advance very slowly.

Readiness to endure is everything. He reveals to you who you are to the extent that you have patience when you just don’t see this, but you are able to exert much effort to sort out all these things properly. What are they for? Why? From where? From Whom? What specifically do I do with them now?

If you truly invest all your strength into this, then you will advance. If not, you will continue to advance less. However, in any case, every one who exists within these boundaries advances. It takes years, but such is the path. Sometimes, it takes from 10 to 20 years, but so what? What is this compared to the universe that has existed for 15 billion years?

Your ancestor, a hundred thousand years ago, hunted for animals in order to find food for himself and throughout his whole brief life of 20 to 30 years didn’t think about revealing the spiritual world or the Creator. Just look at how many reincarnations you have already gone through and only now you have an opportunity to really realize them. All the previous incarnations are now reaching their realization.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/10, The Zohar

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