The Strictest Judge

Dr. Michael LaitmanUntil you receive spiritual attainment, you should not accept the stories of Kabbalists as facts that do not require proof, but only as a condition for your own spiritual development. You cannot use their description as a spiritual law and act according to it because you are not on the level from which it was written.

Therefore, we need to accept it as hypotheses, assumptions that such laws indeed act in the spiritual world. However, they are not carried over into our material world, meaning your state and your world.

Even the words of sages are their attainments, their world. They know how to work there and not make mistakes. If you begin to implement the same principles in the work, you will use all these statements in the egoistic form that you understand, that is, for the sake of your egoism rather than for bestowal like they used them. For this reason, it will clothe into the most egoistic forms for you. Thus, it is forbidden to do this.

Every person should have his own “judge” who limits him and says, “You may act only in accordance with your own corrections.” It is forbidden to come out of the boundaries of your corrections even if you’ve read or heard about it.

However, who is reading this? You are! Who is hearing it? You are! It has already passed through you, and it has already warped in your egoistic perception. How do you know how correctly you understood everything? It’s likely that you understood incorrectly since everyone “judges according to his own Kelim (vessels),” and you perceive everything that was said by Kabbalists in your own defects.

Do you understand to what extent studying comes down only to the Light that Reforms even for Kabbalists and sages? If you don’t draw the Light that Reforms through the studies which changes you, giving you an opportunity to work in accordance with these changes, then you are not allowed to listen to any advice of the Torah. After all, if you use it above your correction, above your degree, it will be to your detriment.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/10, "Body and Soul"

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  1. Thank you for this article. I have been very disturbed as of late by statements that sound to me as faith below reason by fellow students, or basically insistence on religious obedience to you without any thought or challenge. This terrifies me as it seems to be what created religion!

    Is the Zohar a mirror? If it is indecipherable then is it not totally a reflection of each person? It would have no true meaning independent of a person. Each person would perceive it differently, and over all only sense themselves through it. I have noticed that when I am in different moods or have different concerns the way it speaks to me changes…is this why it is similar to reality?

  2. 1 — Can we yet do such things as show reflective principles in nature for the sake of dissemination?

    2 — Does this correspond to the principle that one who attempts to apply the Refuahs (medical methods) of the Sages (today) is a shedder of blood?

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