A Tenured Professor In The World Of Atzilut

Dr. Michael LaitmanYou can’t get into the final state at once since then you wouldn’t be independent. You have to re-create and build the bonds with other souls yourself. The connections disappear, the picture gets erased for you, and you have to restore it again and again. Thereby you build your independent personality.

The final corrected state is not important: It exists already! Your current state is unimportant either for it is imaginary. What matters is only your effort, your desire to envision this system and put it into motion, similar to when a child plays his adult life. By this game you build your "I."

The state into which you are constantly being thrown is called "this world." A corrected state depends only on what level of connection you rise to: Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, or the world of Infinity.

Each time you enter and leave the spiritual world, even at the highest degrees where this entire system becomes clear to you and only some small, perhaps even unnoticeable details, are left unclear. Suddenly, you are being thrown out completely into the complete darkness, and you have to come back.

And the work becomes harder and harder, as it should be for big people. Indeed, who is considered to be a great expert? A person who is able to perform difficult tasks and solve the problems nobody else can handle.

So it follows that he works harder than the others, he earns more money ("Kesef" – covering, the screen), fame, and status than everybody else.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/13/10, “A Handmaid that is Heir to Her Mistress”

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  1. Something for you my friend:

    Do we remember being in first grade? Things were very difficult, but eventually we struggled and learned and ascended and looking back, when we reached 2nd grade, it all seems easy from the final point. Then 2nd grade comes, and is difficult, and we struggle, and by the end, it is again, simple and easy. Then 3rd grade comes and is even more difficult, etc.

    Here is my point, every next state seems to be the most difficult thing we’ve ever encountered, and everything we’ve dealt with before gets easier and easier. But what initially appears difficult, becomes easy later, so which is it? Is 2nd grade easy or difficult? Neither? Both? Truth be told, easy or difficult has nothing to do with 2nd grade at all, but only our state! Thus, everything is actually the same, every grade, every degree, even though it appears more difficult, is actually the same game. Thus, we should never have fear of heights, nor fear of depths, for all is one, and the same struggle again and again.

    When we confront these challenges, let us be joyous and confident, for we have been here before. Time and time again we face none but ourselves, and holding to the truth that is ein sof, the immense reflective nature of reality, we will never be intimidated. Never afraid, and never beaten. For we have overcome countless obstacles, and these new ones, are actually no different. All that matters is that we temper ourselves, and avoid feeling “small” before what is above us. There is no small, or large, scale is an illusion. Joy and blessing to you my dear friend.

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