A Regular Surprise

Dr. Michael LaitmanWritings of Rabash, Article 545, “Labor And Finding”: It is written, “He labored and found, believe it.” But how are one’s efforts connected to the finding? After all, the finding comes unexpectedly.”

The upper world becomes revealed to me as “a finding”: I wanted to receive one thing, and suddenly I found something else.

Just a second here. I just spent several years working like crazy and expecting to receive a specific reward. Why, then, does my reward turn into “a finding” now?

The matter is that I was looking at the goal based on my own mind and sensations. However, with time, as I advanced I changed myself by means of the Light that Reforms. It gave me a new mind and a new sensation which suit my “finding,” something I did not expect previously.

That’s how I end up receiving something different from what I wanted before. Instead of the “lawful reward,” I find something else, which suits my new level.

In our world we demand a reward that was agreed upon ahead of time, whereas on the spiritual path, as we advance our egoistic values become worthless, our sensations change, and on the new degree there is a completely different sort of finding waiting for us.
From the lesson on Rabash’s article on 12/10/10

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