The Zohar About Arvut

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where and how Arvut (mutual responsibility or guarantee) is described in The Zohar?

Answer: The Book of Zohar describes it as follows:
שהשפעת ו״ק דחכמה, הנוהגת בקו האמצעי, מכונה עדות, which translates as: Expansion of small illumination of the Light of Hochma that occurs in the middle line is called testament. In other words, when a person develops a capacity to arrange the three lines, the Light within him holds him in spirituality, bestowal, and this is what guarantees that a person will not fall into egoism ever again.

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  1. Uriah takes Bat Sheba in order to infiltrate her with Hassadim to purify her to worthiness of the king, David; how does this apply to our work in the group and in the study?

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