The Reason For All The Delays

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What practical means are there to strengthen our inner work?

Answer: We have to have a greater feeling of belonging to the common world group. It has more forces and opportunities that the particular groups to elevate us to the common desire.

We have to create the first quality of bestowal among us and reveal it inside our unity. I hope that it will happen at this Convention and then its contours will be drawn inside us. After that our task is to try to keep the connection with this quality, meaning to unite more and more while egoism constantly grows and becomes revealed more in every person.

Which actions will help us do this? Out of all the Kabbalistic sources and from my talks with Rabash, I see just one means: for all of us to ask for this during the study. Throughout the entire day before the lesson I must discern what I should ask for. No matter what I do or where I work, I have to come to the lesson with a question or problem, knowing what to ask for now.

Every person has to come to the lesson with a question, aimed at the goal. Let every person have his own question, formulated in his own way and funneled through his personal state. That doesn’t matter. The main thing is to arrive with a question and a demand.

All of these questions become included in Malchut of the World of Atzilut, which then raises a MAN to Zier Anpin, and he – to Bina. This is what we need: a desire, an awakening, passion, a cry, until it reaches the gate of tears.

We are given all the hours of the day before the lesson in order to prepare this request, but the request itself arises during the lesson. It doesn’t matter what material we study and whether we are reading or asking questions. I devote the hours of study to the request: How to receive that which I persistently desired throughout the day and which I now have to realize?

The reason for all the delays is insufficient preparation and lack of a real request at the lesson, when we are together, with the Light inside, and with the common Kli. Therefore, now when we are about to unite at the Convention, it is very important to enter it with the true desire that everyone shares. Even if we do it in different styles and variations, we have to express a common essence: We want to reveal the Upper Force.

Which force is higher in relation to us? We are the desire to receive and the higher force is the desire to bestow. This is what we want to reveal inside of us so it will reign inside us and fulfill us. This is the revelation of the Creator inside the creatures.

Even if our desires are small, if they unite, then their common might is sufficient for us to reveal the Creator. We are ready, and that’s a fact.

After that we will retain a Reshimo – an impression of the revelation, which will enable us to aspire toward this state every day in our local groups, to attract this state, strengthen and fortify it, using it as a basis to build new levels.

From the lesson on 11/6/10

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