Searching For An Eternal Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is there anything eternal inside us?

Answer: In every aspect relating to the material body, we are mere animals, although more developed,  endowed with feelings and a mind. Nevertheless, every animate body is mortal.

There is a second nature, the desire to bestow, which is called the spiritual world, the soul, or the “part of divinity from Above.” Besides it, everything else belongs to egoism, the animate level, or the material world. Therefore, for now there is nothing connecting us to eternity besides one point that belongs to infinity, This point has to organize an environment for itself as a means to develop.

I am not talking about the animate soul that enlivens the body, which is the “vital force” present in all creatures still, vegetative, and animate. Besides it, man has one real point of the root which he has to develop. It is because of this point that he is called “human” – “Adam,” “similar” (Domeh) to the Creator, whose level he can attain.

A regular person contains nothing besides this point that is spiritual and eternal. Just as his animate body lives, so it dies – and nothing remains! And what about that point, do we get to keep it at least? Well, was it ever present inside the body? No, it does not belong to the body. We will never be able to transplant it to another person together with some other organ.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/24/10, “Body and Soul”

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