Let The Upper Light Be Your Teacher

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhy should we treat each other nicely? We should do it only in order to attain adhesion with the Creator. Why do I come to the group? It’s only for the sake of the Creator.

If I have other reasons, then I am the same as the Communists in Russia who built the society of the future for their own sake. That is why they are still dealing with the consequences to this day. The only way to correct them is by "fire with fire," meaning with the right kind of communism – Kabbalah.

The Creator must be our goal! Otherwise there are horrible blows awaiting us. The example of that is Russia, which had invested gigantic efforts, means, and money, and made it the topic of discussion everywhere: on the radio and television, in kindergartens, schools, songs, plays, and everything else that people did. Everything summoned people to do just one thing: Let’s unite and be friends!

But look at what happened. Man did not accept any of it and everything immediately turned to egoism even though it seemed like good, proper education that taught everyone: Let’s live in peace all together as one family.

If the Creator does not stand at the head of everything, being the source of the Light that changes a person, then what’s the use of empty words? They do not match the real facts!

As a result, it becomes necessary to make a person follow them coercively through punishment, suppression, and force. We have to draw conclusions from this about what is the right education and how it applies down to the smallest details.

The only way to educate anyone is through example. And you don’t just show your personal example because if a child learns how to behave as you do, this will not be inner correction; he will simply imitate you. Tomorrow he will see a bad example and will copy it as well.

On the other hand, if he has corrected himself and understood it, then he is already protected until that level.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/29/10, "Body and Soul"

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  1. Quote: “Why should we treat each other nicely? We should do it ‘only’ in order to attain adhesion with the Creator.”
    Do you realize what this is saying? Shouldn’t this say that we should treat each other nicely because WE SHOULD TREAT EACH OTHER NICELY?
    If we are nice to each other “only” to attain adhesion to the creator then we are acting out of pure selfishness and care nothing about the others who we are trying to be nice to. Shouldn’t we be nice to each other even if the Creator has a purpose for hiding himself from us at that moment? If we are just nice to each other in order to get something out of it, then we are not spiritual.
    Can the blind lead the blind? Won’t they all fall into a ditch?
    The Creator loves us because HE LOVES US, not because He has to, or because He is going to get some kind of reward.
    The truth is an offense, but not a sin…

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