An Invitation To The Convention Organized By The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We have managed to organize a really great Convention. Does that prove that we are advancing by way of the Light (the Torah) and not by way of suffering?

Answer: Certainly! After all, we have been allowed to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah among wide audiences and in the place where the most powerful force of resistance (Klipa) resides, in Israel, the place of the destruction of the Temple, the spiritual breaking.

The rest of the world doesn’t resist Kabbalah as much since it doesn’t know much about it. But in Israel, there is great resistance to it because long ago these people resided on the spiritual plane, living with the intention of love and bestowal to others. However, then they fell from that level to unfounded hatred, the impure forces, Klipa, the egoistic intention. This is why here, the territory of Israel, is the place where the forces of evil and the greatest impurity become revealed. However, this is also the place of their correction.

It is even worse in Jerusalem, the place of the destruction of the Temple. But the worst place of all is the “Holy of Holies”, the most sacred place in the Temple, which became the place of the greatest impurity.

Hence, the fact that we are able to arrange such an enormous and well-known Convention in Israel, which has been announced on television, in the newspapers, and even on the commercial billboards on the streets, and we have been able to attract thousands of people to participate in it, indicates that the Creator is employing us as the medium of His revelation to the created beings! The Creator is performing these actions, which are aimed at achieving correction because the time for it has come!

However, it isn’t just a smooth journey lying ahead of us. The path to the rose, Malchut, lies through its thorns (see the “Preface to the Book of Zohar,” chapter “The Rose”). Therefore, we are yet to struggle for Malchut’s redemption in order to reach its corrected sate, the rose. And we are yet to discover resistance to our aspirations toward the integration of the entire world and “Love thy neighbor as you love thyself”!
From the lesson on Baal HaSulam’s article “The Last Generation” on 11/07/10

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