World Kabbalah Convention: Unification Of Sparks

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The groups of northern Tel-Aviv and Holon arranged a wonderful meeting in preparation to the upcoming World Kabbalah Convention. I experienced an incredible feeling of unity with the people there even though I have never met some of them before. However, when I spoke with one of them at a later time, I realized that I couldn’t feel the same unity. Does it mean that it is easier to unite with the group?

Answer: Of course. When you are alone you become absorbed in your own qualities instead of rising above them. We have to unite above our personalities and our nature in order to achieve a mutual connection where we bestow instead of receive.

Each person rises with his spark and then all the sparks unite together. There, among them, we find the Light, the Creator. When all of us rise above our egoism and unite in the common goal, you feel the unity. But afterwards, while speaking with an individual in a setting where your spark does not connect with his spark, you naturally return to your corporeal attitude.

Question: Does this mean that the power of the Kabbalah Convention is that it makes it easier for the participants to unite?

Answer: Yes. The power of the Convention lies in the fact that we can unify all of our sparks or all of our spiritual impulses which are aimed at the inner force of nature, the unity between us, the desire to ascend above the material, animate, egoistic desire. This force of the environment influences us all.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/8/10, “The Matter of Giving the Torah”

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