Wake Up And Look At Yourself

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the beginning of the spiritual path people aren’t yet able to distinguish what is happening to them. The current sensation is the truth for them. They are unable to look at themselves from aside and discern the external influence that comes from the Creator. They don’t yet see the walls of the “laboratory” they are in.

When a person is on the side of the will to enjoy, he automatically reacts to what is happening: He jumps from joy or vice versa, falls into melancholy. He is buried under the states of his egoism.

However, as he works on himself inside unity with the group, he grows estranged from his own desires and acquires the opportunity to analyze: What are the causes of his states, and how does he relate to the group, the study, and the Creator? Instead of feeling like a test animal, he shifts to the side of the Creator who shows him what He is doing to him.

This enables a person to become human, to rise above the animate degree of his desire to the human degree. Now he understands that the purpose of the unpleasant states where he is devoid of energy, Light, and inspiration is to attract his attention to the Source, the Creator.

Why does the Creator send him these states? It’s in order for him to draw closer to the Creator with a request. That is the only way He can awaken me. The pleasant sensations force me to forget about Him, while emptiness does the contrary: gives rise to questions. When I am treated badly, I want to know why, but when I am treated well I have no care in the world about why it is so.

That is why I am awakened through troubles, and at that time I have to understand that these are appeals from the Creator. It is His way of showing me that I depend on Him; He calls me to Him in order for us to come forward against Pharaoh together.

That is when I begin to realize that there is no evil and I am grateful for the “evil” just as for the good and even more so because precisely it helps me to advance, to come closer to the Upper One and to demand corrections from Him. If a person takes the right position for evaluating his state, if he uses the sensation as an object for analysis, then he acquires faith above reason, which always enables him to move forward.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/10, “Show Me Your Honor”

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  1. Hello,

    I would like to know what is the right position for evaluating a bad state. I find very difficult to assume a “right position” when I feel powerless and in total confusion.

    Moreover, what does it mean “using sensation as an object for analysis” ?
    Can you be more clear, even with some examples ?

    Thank you for youor support.

  2. This is very good,

    The constant guiding light is the infinite, the problem is it has to be turned on via free will. Like plugging in a lamp. That is the only light that is totally motionless, and thus stable even in the dark.

  3. Hi Steve,
    Just try it. Next time you feel bad about something, anything, as soon as you can remember, go to the group…. Listen to a lesson, start reading this blog- do something that will connect you- force yourself… You’ll be upset about something egoistic, your car got towed, someone was mean to you, something went wrong… Just go connect with the group in any way at that time of descent, or just negative time, and see what happens…. You can start to see the negative dark states as equal, if not greater, opportuniies to increase the connection and the desire for the goal. We must suffer so that we feel the lack so we increase the desire for the goal. We should be grateful for the revelation of the inspiring evils…

    Good luck! Hope this was helpful:..

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