The Friends Are Always Higher

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can I tell that I am not mistaken when assessing my desires?

Answer: You shouldn’t pay attention to your desires. What difference does it make what is happening there and how bad things are? At the end of the day what can you possibly find there besides self-love which has taken you over and doesn’t let you ascend?

The most useful thing to do is to feel the degree to which I don’t accept the group’s opinion and goal, and the unity and mutual guarantee of the friends. If I am united with them, then I will always discover that that they are better than me at this. However, if I don’t have a part in their unity, this fact already indicates that they are higher than me.

It doesn’t matter what state they are in. Unification automatically puts them above me no matter how high I rise. That is because unity is the Kli with which the Light works, while an individual is nothing.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/10, “I Am the First and I Am the Last”

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  1. This concept, “the individual is nothing” is the antithesis to our perceived state in this world. Hearing it is like an attack, an assault on everything I believe I am, yet it is the most monumental truth and something greater than myself which is calling to me hears it’s possibilities and “feels” the solutions to every suffering. If I continue to prove the false belief that ‘I’ have power to change my world I’ll run into limitations of every kind and at the end of the day “I” will be exhausted and all my energies will be depleted but even that will be good because then I’m ready to enter the world of growth, change, and possibility . Then goodness will live among us and we’ll know what love is. Even though the physical world reminds us daily that individuality is smallness and a unity of many can accomplish much more than any individual, we run towards the great lie afraid to come out of the “I” when we could be inviting the corrective force, together.

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