Mom, I Want To Go With Them!

Dr. Michael LaitmanA person needs an external factor in order to be able to look at himself from aside. If he is included in the group, then it plays the role of that factor in a positive manner, carrying a person forward and supporting him. However, if a person has a weak connection with the group, he will need many inner troubles to push him to exit to the outside because when egoism suffers, it desires to escape from itself.

One way or another, the discernment has to be done from outside. The surest way to do it is to organize an environment that will always let me inside, that will help me and raise me so I am able to get back to the correct analysis in the fastest and easiest way.

One should not sink into the sensations and thoughts of one’s egoism, but always look at it from above, from the Light’s perspective. Egoism works very simply. Just like toy cars that run on batteries, it moves around among obstacles and when bumping into one, it changes the direction. I am always looking for the place with fewer negatives and more positives. My actions are entirely subject to a dual system where there is only “zero” and “one.”

However, if a higher thought comes to me about the reason and the goal, it means I have been awakened from Above, from the following level which no longer belongs to the desire for pleasure. That is how I receive an explanation in my own language, telling me that there is something better out there, something of a different quality or a higher class.

Nevertheless, I am being spoken to in words I understand, “You will feel better there.” And I reply, “I will feel better? Then I want it!” It’s the same as how we behave with little children, coming down to their level of understanding. There is no other way to go until we acquire the higher mind of the new level, the logic of our spiritual parents. And the group helps us to do this.

Sometimes a child absolutely refuses to go somewhere. But suddenly he sees other kids happily going in that direction. Then he also runs after them because if they are going there, that means there is something good there. Nature has made this approach inherent in us from the breaking of the Kelim, from our connection to each other. Even if we don’t listen to our mom (the Upper Level), we do listen to our friends in the group.

However, this isn’t just a group because the Upper Force resides inside it, being the mind and feeling of the parents’ level. I don’t just join a bunch of kids in the neighborhood, but I annul myself before the group and then, inside that self-rejection, I find the Creator.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/10, “Show Me Your Honor”

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