Inner Focus Is What We Need

Dr. Michael LaitmanOur main problem is that we underestimate the power of thought. We need to have an inner focus on unifying into one net where we are together. That is how we will find the essence and inner force of the Torah, the method.

This point is not so clear to us yet. We don’t value it sufficiently and don’t see its importance. In fact, we don’t pay attention to it.

You know the material very well, in fact, better than anyone. And you perform a great number of actions. However, every person lacks the inner concentration inside himself.

I don’t unify with the group that I see with my eyes, but with the common aspiration to be together, to be included into each other, to attain bestowal. It’s similar to a “cloud” of spiritual energy between us. This is what we have to look for and aspire to.

I don’t meddle around inside my friend, trying to feel his point in the heart. Rather, it becomes revealed inside of me. That is where I find the inner essence of the group. Everything becomes clarified in our thoughts. What we lack is the mental concentration. It is absent or insufficient throughout the day.

We assess things according to external actions, but that is not the right criterion. By delving deeper in my thoughts, I focus on trying to reveal the inner connection. It has to be revealed as a specific plan, desire, or system in which I live.

That is why Kabbalah is called an inner science. Baal HaSulam writes a great deal about the mind and rational analysis. It is precisely by way of mental concentration that we come to inner clarity. The important factor here is not how smart a person is, but how much he tries. Our efforts must be concentrated on this inner search.

The common field of our desire is present between us, inside of us. Even if it is concealed, it is there. On the way from above downwards everything is already ready; now I have to reveal it by moving from below upwards.
From the lesson on 10/29/10

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