Grieving For The Shechina In Exile

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is very hard to sense spiritual exile. For this, one needs to sense the opposite state of spiritual redemption. And for that to happen, one has to feel the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif), an implicit sensation of the property of bestowal.

What does “Shechina (Divinity) in exile” mean? How should I grieve for her, lament the absence of the place of the Creator’s revelation? Or rather, how should I grieve my inadequacy and inability to find Him instead of feeling bad that I can’t see Him?

Certainly, everybody wants to see the Creator. But only a person who has received Ohr Makif can suffer from being inadequate to Him. Nobody feels the need for the Shechina. If the Creator exists, let Him reveal Himself to me since, surely, it’s for the better! However, nobody feels grief over the place this revelation should occur.

There is a huge difference. The revelation of the Creator is perceived egoistically as reception. However, the place of His revelation must be built from our yearning to egoistically reveal the Creator by turning the desire to find Him into intention to do so for “His sake.” This is the preparation of the place whose property will allow the Creator to reveal Himself to us.

It is similar in our world: Everything that emerges in me does so according to my properties. Only after I have adjusted my perception to the outside influence can I recognize it to the degree that our properties (its organ of exposure and my organ of perception) are the same. It all depends on correction of the tools of perception.

Shechina is the place we have to create from the sum of our aspirations to the Creator and correct it in our intention for bestowal. First of all, a person needs tremendous desire to reveal the Creator for his own benefit (Lo Lishma, for Her name). Only later does he understand the necessity of correction, which happens as he uses the environment and draws the Light that Reforms by studying together with the group.

That’s when he begins to realize that success lies solely in the equivalence of form or intention for bestowal which will allow him to adapt to the revelation of the Creator, the property of bestowal. Now that he has something to correct, the phase of correction begins.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/27/10, “What in the Work, is Israel Who Exiled Divinity, is with Them”

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