Careful Steps Over The Dark Void

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Where does suffering come from? Am I causing it through my lack of equivalence to the Creator, or does He send it to us?

Answer: Definitely, all suffering is sent by the Creator since “there is none else but Him.” Humanity suffers on the path of its evolution, and the suffering is designated to develop the creatures on the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels so that they would come to need the correct fulfillment and well-being. In the end, one way or another, everyone feels a need due to the lack of a good, fulfilled state of existence.

All of this is necessary in order to complete the picture by correcting the breaking. After all, everything is caused by the lack of unity or absence of Light in the vessel. As soon as we begin correcting the Kli, the Creator becomes revealed to us, and then, following the speaking level, all of the other levels ascend, breaking free from misfortunes and problems.

We are being trained by the suffering sent from Above, until we start correcting ourselves. And there is no one to blame for this except the program of creation. Why then must we suffer on the path to love? Truth said, in the beginning the will to receive (desire) has to feel that it’s empty, and only then will it experience the fulfillment. Herein a question arises: If the Creator has prepared eternal pleasure for me, does it mean I must feel infinite suffering first? In that case, I’d rather remain a beast.

However, in reality, we start slowly and move forward in stages, time after time correcting and filling a new layer of our desire with Light. None of us would be able to bear the feeling of the dark infinite void. We are given the exact portion of what we can bear, going forth slowly and gently. This “feet dragging” is necessary precisely because we are unable to take a lot in at once. The breaking is being revealed to us drop by drop, according to our capacity.

From the lesson on 10/22/10, Rabash’s Articles

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