Bringing Everyone To The Level Of Moses

Dr. Michael LaitmanMan must rise to the level of the Creator. We received the method of ascent from the Kabbalists, those who revealed it. Beginning with Adam, man began to reveal that the purpose of his life and creation’s existence is to reveal the Creator. It is required of every person and all of humanity.

All of us only go through this process; everything advances from the beginning of creation towards its end, the corrected state. And if we judge everything that happens by the purpose of creation, then we are able to see the truth and justify everything.

But if we do not consider the beginning, the end, and the process of the development of creation as absolutely necessary in all of its details, in order to go from the beginning to its completion, then we err. We reach bitter conclusions about our purpose in life and the world. Because the entire process of development is already included in nature, we will benefit to the extent we study and apply it.

Every person is created for a single purpose: to become like the Creator by reaching the degree of Moses. For this reason we need to accept everything that happens to us in the world and in our private lives as necessary for lifting us to the degree of Moses, meaning the revelation of the Creator in its clear form, “face to face,” the complete correction of man’s properties to those of the Creator.

Since the Creator does not change, man must. This is why the entire process that we go through is not external, but rather, it happens exclusively in our properties in order to make them similar to those of the Creator. For this reason, it is necessary for us to study this process, ourselves, our spiritual anatomy (the properties that we consist of), the spiritual physiology (how we operate), spiritual healing (what needs to change in us) and to concentrate specifically on what we need to change, in what order and in what direction.

Through the changes in us we will come to understand the nature of the human society and the history of mankind. Then we will see the reasons of these changes, their purpose, the direction they take, the connection between them, and how they help every person and all of humanity to attain the ultimate goal.

The study of the system of nature, humanity’s direction toward the goal, and the way it needs to progress is the source of our well-being. All the evil that happens to us comes from insufficient understanding of the process that we go through. But once we understand the process, we perceive it as good!
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/13/10, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”

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  1. it was very nice there was translation for the french person at the daily lesson. I also laughed a lot at that the religions eating each other up 🙂

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