Arvut Is The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the Light that Reforms our compass in the group, or rather, is it our unity?

Answer: Unity cannot be a compass since I haven’t achieved it yet. A compass aims me at the point where I reside. This point is unification between us, and I have to attain it. Therefore, everything I am doing at the moment, by exerting effort in the environment, in the group, by being impressed by the friends, receiving the importance of the goal from them and realizing how small I am; all of this is done so that I can now read The Zohar feeling and understanding that it is describing to us true, exalted, spiritual states that I have to feel and attain.

We are now allowed to forget that the Light is the phenomenon taking place within the will to receive (desire, Kli) and is a form of desire. We study, feel, and discuss only matter and the form clothed in matter. Matter is our collective will to receive that we wish to unify as one and to give it a form of connection between us regarded as Arvut or mutual guarantee.

Arvut per se, if it comes true, will be the Light. After all, we are talking solely about the form that characterizes the will to receive (desire, Kli). I don’t’ know what electricity or light is as such, but I do know what phenomena derive from it in matter.

Therefore, I yearn only for the form clothed in matter. This form is the Creator (Bo-Reh, “Come and See”), the Light acting in its various manifestations as the Surrounding Light or the inner one, “Nekudot” (points, dots), or “Taamim” (tastes) and so forth.

Finally, I have to strongly convince myself that there is nothing but our desires connected in the correct manner, and this is what is called “the Light.”

From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/10, The Zohar

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