Through The Virtual Reality To The Upper Reality

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does this system called “the spiritual stimulator” give to a person? Why does it attract people so much that it turns into a “Tamagotchi”?

Answer: This system gives a person the future and sustains him in the present. It gives him a sensation of rising up above death. You start to feel that you care for the system that holds you and “nourishes” you, and that it is your eternal “infusion.”

You really feel that you exist in a different reality. You start to experience this reality as being higher and more powerful than our own, and not in spite of our reality, but thanks to it.

You perceive our reality as the means by which the Upper Reality exists. You experience such a combination of the two worlds that you have a crystal clear understanding of how much you should use this world in order to strengthen the world to come in you.

This is not a virtual society that we created, but the reality in which the Upper Force exists and depicts this life, our world or reality, for you, and it now helps you to enter the Upper Reality.

We have to go through all these changes in order to reprogram ourselves to feel the higher realm through this world. The gradual development of our “stimulator” will enable us to actualize this. That’s because all of our natural development takes place through playing. That is how we rise to the next level. We don’t understand how it happens, but we ascend and develop.

That is why the “spiritual stimulator” will become an enticing game for everyone.

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